How can you imagine the WEATHER in Auckland?

It’s important to know that New Zealand has four seasons in one day. I had never imagined that until I came here. At first, all I could say was ‘OMG’. Trust me, it doesn’t matter what season is it because it can rain at any time of year! Now I’m used to living with the weather here, so I’m okay right now lol.

The weather in Auckland was quite hard to adjust for me because I’m Thai, so I wasn’t used to living with cold weather. But actually, the weather in Auckland is quite a bit warmer than in the South Island. I think it depends on your lifestyle too. Here it’s sometimes cold and windy. Of course most weather changes suddenly to rainfall. Anyway, you can be happy with the warm weather if there is sunshine. I mean you can’t predict the weather here just by what you see, so I recommend you that you should check the weather forecast for sure before you leave home. An easy way you can check it is to type ‘Weather forecast Auckland’ in Google. It will let you know what the weather will be like. Then you will know what to wear and whether to pack an umbrella for that day, and also you can plan for your holidays too!


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