What clothes will you need in Auckland, New Zealand?

I would like to help you to decide what clothes to bring to Auckland. You can bring your own clothes from your country, but if that makes you worry that your bags might be over the weight limit, you can buy new clothes here! Also, you can find many kinds of clothes for every seasons here. I’ll recommend the places I usually shop at here in Auckland.

They are..

1. Downtown Shopping Centre (if you’re looking for cheap things)

– It’s opposite Britomart

2. Queen Street (The most famous street in Auckland.)

– There are lots of shops with fashionable clothes. The prices are quite expensive, but if you don’t mind the price, that’s great!

3. High Street (The street just beside Queen street.)

4. Newmarket (A famous place for shopping with many kinds of shop.)

– You can get the Outer Link bus (Yellow) or Inner Link bus (Green) to go there.

The weather changes suddenly in Auckland, so you should bring your favorite jacket so that you feel comfortable and are warm enough for any season here. Different people have different opinions on what constitutes cold weather. It can rain in any season, so you should have a rain jacket and umbrella! Be careful! (Consider yourself warned! lol) Also, you’ll need warm clothes, socks, a scarf, and long pants for winter. It’s really important for someone like me who really feels the cold! Summer is wonderful in Auckland. I think you can wear your own style, I mean whatever you want to wear! But, don’t forget to bring swimming suit, sun hat and sunglasses. These are important things you should have because there are lots of nice beaches in Auckland!


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